How Far Can a Mountain Lion Smell?

My kids say some pretty funny things sometimes…I usually laugh, call my wife and tell her…we laugh, and then I forget they ever said it. So I’ve recently started writing them down…actually I’ve typed them into my phone, but you know what I mean. I still say “roll” down your window and make the rolling motion…who rolls down windows anymore? I digress.

So here are a couple of things my sweet Audrey has said lately.

“Daddy, I know what it means to date. It means to come eat with humans.”

“Daddy, a blood hound can smell 2 miles away…I bet a mountain lion can smell 99 five point away.”

2 Responses to “How Far Can a Mountain Lion Smell?”

  1. Laurel Sherlock Says:

    Hahaha little kids wild imaginations but i say let them wonder

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